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~Upcoming shows~

Fiona-Lee's songs invite you to find empowerment and strength through vulnerability. She tells you her stories openly and sincerely, as she navigates life and the experiences it brings, particularly as a woman; creating an intimate and safe space for her audience to walk with her.


Growing up, Fiona was fed on a diet of Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen and U2; with later influences including PJ Harvey, Fleetwood Mac, Kings of Leon and Jeff Buckley. A vocal powerhouse, she is often compared with Florence Welsh, London Grammar, and Beth Orton.


London live residencies and touring with Ben Ottewell (Gomez) in late 2019 led to a flurry of interest from labels (Island, Made/WMG records) and notable producers including Matt Ingram (Laura Marling), Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Ian Dowling (Adele, Peace, Catfish & The Bottlemen) lining up to work with her. 2020/21's lockdown meant a chance to focus on writing and working remotely with collaborators including Rob Hall (Catfish & The Bottlemen), who is now full-time squad member (drummer). 2023 will see the long-awaited launch of Fiona-Lee.


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